Is All Auto Repair Created Equally in Mill Creek?

Although fixing cars may seem to be just auto parts, it really is not as simple as that. Even auto parts that are made to fit the same part of a car can have differences between them. If you happen to be someone who does not know much about cars, it can be a bit tricky choosing the right business to help auto repair in Mill Creek. When it comes to parts, understanding the different types of parts on the market, you will be able to make informed decisions about what will be the best choice for your vehicle.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts

Also known as OEM parts, these parts are made by the same company that made your car. These parts are great because you know they are made to the same standards as your car, and they will 100% fit.

Aftermarket Parts

When having your auto repair completed with aftermarket parts, you will be using parts not made by the same manufacturer. This is not necessarily going to be a bad thing, and they are usually cheaper. The only trouble with aftermarket parts is that they may not fit exactly right.

Like-Kind and Quality parts

These parts are essentially used parts. These parts can be from your original manufacturer, but they are used. Typically these parts can fit better than aftermarket parts, and they are also an environmentally-friendly choice. The only trouble with used parts is that they may be of lesser quality due to age.

Does it Matter What Parts I Use?

All auto repair is not created equal because the parts used are not the same. The type of parts you use can affect your warranty, how your vehicle looks, and its safety. It can also impact how much you pay, but also your insurance.

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