Marysville Drivers – Ask Us About Detailed Brake Service And Replacements

Marysville Drivers - Ask Us About Detailed Brake Service And Replacements

Do you need brake service in Marysville? If you fear that something is wrong with your brakes, Conaway Motors can help you troubleshoot in our full-service auto shop. Here are some things to look for if you suspect that your brakes are starting to fail:

  • A loud noise often indicates that there is a problem. If you hear any sound out of the ordinary, it is wise to bring your car into the shop. You may notice a grinding noise or a squeak noise with brake issues as you push on the brakes.
  • Another sign is if you smell something that is just not right. The smell of brake fluid leaking or metal grinding against each other can produce a pungent, offensive odor.
  • The last thing to look for is a weird feeling when you push on the brakes or them slipping. If they are not as effective as they were when you first purchased the car or when you last replaced the brakes, then it is time to get them checked out. The worst thing that could happen is that the brakes completely give out or stop working. This could cause a hazardous situation. However, that usually will not occur without some warning, like you will have to start pushing hard on them to get them to function.

If you suspect you are having brake issues, do not hesitate to get some assistance at Conaway Motors. We are a full-service mechanical shop and work efficiently to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

To set up a time for an appointment to bring your vehicle in for professional brake service in Marysville, call Conaway Motors today at (425) 905-2424.