When It Is Time For Auto Service In Lynnwood, You Can Count On Conaway Motors!

When It Is Time For Auto Service In Lynnwood, You Can Count On Conaway Motors!

If you’re a car owner, it can pay to keep your car in good condition. By regularly servicing your vehicle, you can avoid breakdowns and reduce the chances of costly repairs in the future. Still, if you’re looking for reliable auto service in Lynnwood, it’s critical to ensure you understand what to expect from your mechanic before you hand over any money.

So, what are the critical components of a standard service? First, the team that services your car should check your oil levels, detect any leaks, and replace the amount of oil required. Next, your lights, exhaust, brakes, steering, and tires should be assessed.


A full inspection of your engine should also include a ‘tune-up’ that ensures everything is in optimal working condition. As with your oil, a mechanic should inspect your coolant levels and hydraulic fuel to ensure there are no leaks. A comprehensive service will also check your suspension, steering alignment, cooling system, and car battery.


In some cases, a mechanic or auto shop may also offer certain guarantees. If this is the case, it can help you offset the risk that they haven’t spotted significant issues with your vehicle’s mechanics. Always ask if there are any guarantees or warranties included with your service or any resulting repairs.

Brand Specifics

Lastly, make sure that your mechanic is certified to perform a service on your type of car. While some mechanics or auto shops are designated for specific car brands, others have experience across a broad spectrum of vehicle types.

Do you need professional auto service in Lynnwood? If so, our team at Conaway Motors is happy to help! We have considerable experience in spotting problems and offering affordable solutions. If you have any questions about our auto servicing, contact us at (425) 905-2424.