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From its inception, Audi’s founder, August Horch demanded only the best for his automobiles! When he couldn’t find a supplier of aluminum that met his exacting standards, he poured the metal himself. Although the ‘Truth in Engineering’ marketing campaign was introduced in 2007, the vibrant history of such automotive excellence indicates that this has always been the basic tenet of Audi’s manufacturing genius.


After being ousted from his first company, A. Horch & Cie, and in 1909 founded Horch Automobil-Werke GmbH. Trademark infringement disputes forced August Horch to rename the company; Audi was suggested by Borch’s partner’s son:

Horch = hear in German = Audi = hear in Latin

This was the perfect solution to being barred from using the family name. The Type B, 10/28PS, delivered in 1910 was the first Audi automobile; and the Audi type K was the first German production car, available in 1921. This was one of the company’s first truth in engineering principals in practice with the left-handed driving, which quickly became popular because it provided a more clear view of oncoming traffic, making it much safer.


In 1939, the Auto Union was formed:

  • Audi
  • Dampf-Kraft-Wagen (DKW)
  • Horch
  • Wanderer

Each ring of the Audi logo represents 1 of the members of the Auto Union. The original Auto Union was dismantled, factory by factory after the Soviet invasion of World War II. What was left of the factories after the war were effectively liquidated by 1948. There was only an Audi factory in Zwickau that restarted manufacture in 1949.

Over the years, the Auto Union was owned by Mercedes-Benz and eventually taken over by Volkswagen; the Audi brand was introduced in the United States in 1970  by VW. By this point, the Auto Union was essentially non-existent and re-branded under Audi AG. With manufacturing plants around the world, the Audi brand has grown tremendously in the 2000’s.


From its inception, Audi has focused on the driving experience, but the Truth in Engineering campaign in 2007 included this concept as part of their branding:

The first new campaign for the manufacturer in five years will use Audi’s engineering prowess to underscore core messaging around simplicity and safety. According to Audi of America Chief Communications Officer Jeff Kuhlman, “[Truth in Engineering] . . . articulates the notion that Audi automobile provide the most authentic, truthful driving experience in the luxury segment.

Determined to focus on the driver rather than the ‘buttons’ and gizmos has certainly remained true to focusing on innovations that provide value for the driver. As such, Everett Audi Service & Repair prides itself on their quality certified technicians; following through with Audi’s focus on you!