What Can Happen To My Car If I Skip Fluid Changes?

Oil Change Service in SnohomishYour owner’s manual comes complete with a handy list or chart of the recommended intervals for routine maintenance on your vehicle. When you first buy a car, you may forget all about all those deadlines for oil changes and transmission fluid checks. Allowing the fluids to go without attention for just a few months can affect the performance of your engine, transmission, and overall lifespan of your vehicle.

These fluids contain ingredients that break down with use and time, so they gradually become less effective at their various jobs. This means that oil becomes thicker and less lubricating. As friction increases in the engine, metal shavings flake off and contaminate the mixture even further. Oil becomes dark and develops a burnt odor as it ages.

Wear and tear also increases exponentially when transmission fluid goes without replacement. While this mixture needs replacement far less often than engine oil, it still needs a regular inspection to make sure it is holding up. Dirt or water that is accidentally mixed in with the fluid could wear out your transmission in just a few weeks of steady driving.

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