Auto Air Conditioning Service in Lake Stevens

auto air conditioning service in Lake StevensConaway Motors has the licensed technicians needed for your auto air conditioning service in Lake Stevens. Now, it is likely that this early in the year, you aren’t really thinking about air conditioning – in fact, you are more likely to be concerned with heating.  But even in January, it is only a few short weeks until spring, when the days will be longer and warmer.

March often brings variable weather. Temperatures at night might fall below freezing, then soar to a balmy 85 degrees the following day, especially if you are in an area sheltered from wind – particularly in the temperate zones in the United States of America. Temperatures inside an automobile can quickly rise to dangerous levels, even though you might need to run a heater at night. According to the AVMA, temperatures inside an enclosed vehicle can quickly reach temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more within ten minutes when left parked in the sun. While the AVMA is primarily concerned with pets that are left in cars, imagine being stalled in traffic, with exhaust fumes and rising temperatures, then discovering that your air conditioner doesn’t work. Humans have those wonderful opposable thumbs that help us roll down a window, but waiting for a motor vehicle accident to be cleared away can become uncomfortable under those rays of early spring sunshine.

Conaway Motors has the licensed technicians needed for your auto air conditioning service in Lake Stevens, just give us a call at (425)905-2424. You can get in ahead of the rush, and have your air conditioner ready for those first balmy days of spring. We know that if you are a pet owner, you wouldn’t leave your fur friend unattended in a car, but you can save yourself some discomfort, too, by getting your air conditioner serviced before the start of the season.