Brake Service in Everett

brake service in EverettConaway Motors is available for your brake service in Everett. Your ability to bring your vehicle to a stop is essential for your personal safety and for other motorists on the road. Brake systems are not precisely the same for all makes and models, but we have the knowledge and the tools to work on most brake systems.

With that said, winter is a tricky time to manage that stopping part of driving. Rain, sleet, snow and ice all present special challenges even for skilled drivers. Here are some tips for driving in inclement weather. First, never drive into moving water. It might appear shallow, but the water obscures road conditions. Second, when driving on ice it is a good idea to slow down and to keep your foot off the brake pedal as much as possible. If you must brake, tap your brakes lightly several times, rather than tromping on that pedal hard. This will slow your vehicle without sending it into a skid. If you do skid, turn your steering wheel into the skid – this will help create drag to slow your vehicle down and give you a chance to bring it under control. Finally, avoid non-essential driving during weather alerts. This keeps you off the road, and diminishes the number of vehicles at risk during hazardous weather.

Conaway Motors is available for your brake service in Everett, just give us a call at (425)905-2424. Our skilled mechanics will check your brakes for wear and can repair or replace any parts that could hamper their performance. The last thing that you want is the kind of brake check that occurs when you put your foot on that pedal – and nothing happens. Please let us take a look at your braking system and help you keep it in good repair.