If it is Time for your 30K Mile Service in Snohomish

If it is Time for your 30K Mile Service in SnohomishIf it is time for your 30K Mile Service in Snohomish, bring your vehicle to Conaway Motors. We have the trained technicians and the equipment to do a thorough check of your vehicle. We can make sure that it has received all the parts associated with any recalls, and generally prepare it for the next 30k miles of service.

A 30K checkup for your vehicle is very much like a the physical that your doctor recommends when you reach certain milestones in your life. Chances are you have had your regular physicals – one per year, just as the doctor ordered but it never hurts to get one that is more in depth. Your vehicle is a lot like that. Probably you have taken it in for oil changes, gotten repairs as needed – those little things do happen, like that crazy deer that runs out in front of you or the pothole that you didn’t see. And there is even a good likelihood that you’ve kept up with tune-ups and filter changes. The 30k check-up is just a little more in-depth than your regular maintenance visits. It looks into the regular areas, and adds on things like checking your suspension and undercarriage for wear.

So if it is time for your 30k mile service in Snohomish, give Conaway Motors a call at (425)905-2424 to set up an appointment today. We’ll be glad to schedule a time when we can give your vehicle the thorough attention it needs after taking you to work, to school and to all the fun places we hope you’ve had a chance to visit. We hope that regular maintenance and good care will help you to keep that favorite ride for another 30k or so miles in the future.