What Does a Full Car Repair Service in Snohomish Include?


What Does a Full Car Repair Service in Snohomish Include?

Having a regular car repair service in Snohomish completed is important for your car. This will not only keep you safer while driving, but it can also save you trouble with your car in the long run. Although you might think a car service is simply for checking the condition of your car, it is a lot more complicated than that.

During a full car service, you will have all your general wear and tear checked, along with your fluids, brakes, engine, and more. Whether you are going to a garage or a dealership, a full car repair service shop will be able to offer you a variety of services.

Was Your Car in an Accident?

Typically you might visit a car repair service due to the fact that you were in an accident. Whether you need work completed on the body of your car or something a bit more serious such as the engine, a repair garage will be able to offer this.

Services Other Than Repairs

Even if you are not in need of a specific repair, a full car service can involve almost 50 different aspects. This might include different system checks, adjustments, and more. Common inclusions in a car service might include:

● Check the breaks and steering
● Oil change
● Filter replacement
● Tire change
● Test your car battery
● Tire rotation
● Check all lights
● Replace fluids such as hydraulic fluid and coolant levels
● Check radiators, pumps, and hoses
● Check the suspension
● Make sure your steering is in alignment

Whether you were in an accident or you are simply looking to have your car checked out, you need to go to a car repair service in Snohomish who knows what they are doing. Come down to Conaway Motors and let us take care of your car. Call ahead of time to make an appointment at (425) 905-2424, or simply come down to the shop.