What to Expect During Your 60k Mile Tune-Up Service in Lynnwood

What to Expect During Your 60k Mile Tune-Up Service in Lynnwood

Even if your car looks and feels brand new, the number of miles on it is what dictates its true age. Similar to comparing human years and dog years, if you were to compare the miles of your car with human life, it would seem a lot different than the age it actually is. When your car reaches 15,000 miles is might be in elementary school, but when it hits 30,000 miles, it is a teenager. That means that when your car has reached 60,000 miles, it has exited its “20s”, and moved into middle age. So what does this mean for your car? It means its time for a 60k mile tune-up service in Lynnwood.

What To Expect

There are automotive elements that must be inspected in order for your car to work properly, and most of these are dealt with at the 60k mile tune-up service.

● Oil change
● Timing belts change
● Tire rotation
● Spark plugs replacement
● Replace air filter
● Brake inspection
● Flush your coolant
● Replace transmission fluid
● Tire pressure check
● Check the battery
● Check exhaust
● Inspect all fuel lines
● Inspect suspension
● Replace wiper blades if needed
● Check the horn, lights, and fuses

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Since you may not continually check your battery or inspect all of your fuel lines, the 60k mile tune-up service gives you the chance to do that. At 60,000 miles, your vehicle has a long time to go before retirement. This is why regular auto maintenance is so important.

Having a 60k mile tune-up service in Lynnwood is important for overall car health and maintenance. If you are coming up on 60,000 miles in your car, then call  Conaway Motors at (425) 905-2424. Schedule your tune-up service today.